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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

!!Soda-Tab Chainmaile Skirt!!

By way of a series of of convoluted events, I managed to acquire an entire 10 gallon bucket full of soda tabs. Now I'm making these crazy garments. I sold my first skirt back in November and, after taking a break from making tab-mail, I've now made the skirt available again. I don't plan on making these too terribly often as each skirt contains approximately 1400-1600 tabs and 1400-1600 rings for a total of 2,800 to 3,200 individual pieces. When available, skirts will be up for purchase here

Special thanks to Jen Martin Studios for the pictures and Jae Franko for modeling!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Custom Retro-Future Shoulder Armor

After seeing my "steampunk" shoulder armor online, a very nice fellow in California contacted me and ordered a set of custom shoulder plates based on a retro-future theme. After he and I worked out the details of what he was looking for, I happily started work on the project.

First things first, I obtained my materials. They included 22ga mild steel, rivets, nylon strapping material and a high durability spray-paint with a "hammered" finish. In the picture above, you can see where the steel has been marked in preparation for cutting and drilling.

Next, I cut, drilled, shaped and painted the individual lames(plates) of the shoulder armor. This armor is based on a medieval design known as a spaulder, which was shoulder protection formed out of a series of articulated metal plates.

After the paint set for the proper amount of time, I hooked the plates together with their connecting straps.
Next came the harness, which I made out of several old belts. There are a total of 4 buckles, which allows the armor to be adjusted to fit just right. The shoulder plates are permanently attached to the belts with rivets.
And here it is; the finished product along with a set of gauntlets that my client purchased from me to go with the shoulders. Watch out, Lord Humongous! There's another road warrior on the loose!