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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Custom Retro-Future Shoulder Armor

After seeing my "steampunk" shoulder armor online, a very nice fellow in California contacted me and ordered a set of custom shoulder plates based on a retro-future theme. After he and I worked out the details of what he was looking for, I happily started work on the project.

First things first, I obtained my materials. They included 22ga mild steel, rivets, nylon strapping material and a high durability spray-paint with a "hammered" finish. In the picture above, you can see where the steel has been marked in preparation for cutting and drilling.

Next, I cut, drilled, shaped and painted the individual lames(plates) of the shoulder armor. This armor is based on a medieval design known as a spaulder, which was shoulder protection formed out of a series of articulated metal plates.

After the paint set for the proper amount of time, I hooked the plates together with their connecting straps.
Next came the harness, which I made out of several old belts. There are a total of 4 buckles, which allows the armor to be adjusted to fit just right. The shoulder plates are permanently attached to the belts with rivets.
And here it is; the finished product along with a set of gauntlets that my client purchased from me to go with the shoulders. Watch out, Lord Humongous! There's another road warrior on the loose!

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