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Monday, April 25, 2011


Strangely enough, my wife and I had never been to a Sci-Fi convention before. So, this weekend for our anniversary, we changed that! We had a great time creating our costumes, attending the event and getting to meet some very nice & interesting people. The individual photos of Jen and I were taken by the amazing Jessica Bjorn of Bakan Photography and all of the images from the convention were taken by Jennifer Owen.

To start with, our costumes :)
 Jen designed her costume and I constructed everything except the flower. The light over her left shoulder is an old rail-road lantern from the 1940's or 50's that was mounted to an articulated lamp-arm. The flower on her hat was made from pieces of a vegetable steamer and the head of an old salt shaker. The object she is holding is an extremely brilliant idea of her's. It is a camera cover that is made from a stove-top burner cover as well as an older steamer basket. The basket creates the impression of an iris, so that her camera appears to be some sort of strange metallic eye.
Her left shoulder is covered by a leather shoulder-plate constructed from an old belt and nylon strapping. Her gloves are made from a 4 in 1 chainmaile backing & the wrist-plates are made from old shoe-stretchers! It was fun to get to experience all of her ideas and then work to build them for her :)
Ahhh.. dandelions in springtime! I designed and built/augmented all of the components of my costume (excluding the clothes underneath, of course.) On my left arm is a lamellar bracer laced together with elastic cord for a good fit. In this image you can also see my helmut, which I made by taking an aviator's cap and adding plates from a steamer basket and an aventail made from 4 in 1 chainmaile.
Also on my left arm is a retro-future themed shoulder-plate that I made which is currently available on my Etsy page. It's held onto the body with a harness made from belts and the individual plates were fabricated from an old filing cabinet. On my right arm is my mechanical hand in its finished form!
Now that the convention is over, this hand is now available for sale here. Details about this hand can be found in this previous post.

The following are some of my favorite images from the convention. They are up on my Facebook page as well... so if you see yourself in any of the pictures, let me know and I'll tag you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dapper Gents ~ Ruffled Ladies Photo Shoot

This winter I participated in a photo shoot organized by the amazing Mrs. M. Kirkness down in Seattle. I've finally gotten around to blogging it :D I was asked by M to create items with a steampunk/retro future type feel. The shoot took place at Gasworks Park in Seattle, which made for an amazing setting. In the group shot above, you can even see the moon near sunset.

The following are a few of my favorite images from the event.

Additional images can be found here:

Ivan Owen of Chaincrafts (armor & weapons)
M. Kirkness (clothing and accessories)

Make-up artist:
Ellen Dennis

Jen Page
Andrew Figgs
M. Kirkness
Emily Lester
Gaia M.
Jessica Bjorn
Jen Walker Owen
Ivan Owen

Jennifer Owen of Jen Martin Studios
Jessica Bjorn of Bakan Photography


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mechanical Hand

It lives!!! Now my plans to destroy the world via a very indirect and overly complicated method can be realized!

The hand is constructed, primarily, from aluminum. I cut the individual components and the frame from aluminum bar-stock. Also involved where some springs, thin steel cable, a short length of black ABS pipe and a bit of Velcro!

And this is what it looks like with the parts put together! I've been making some modifications to it recently and will post an update sometime soon.

Now it's time to start throwing things around and laughing like a madman!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Mighty Red Gauntlets of Thirst

You have found the Mighty Red Gauntlets of Thirst! As you put them on, you feel a surge of strength run through your body. You also, however, have the sudden & inexplicable desire to consume a sweet beverage that contains thousands of tiny bubbles.

I undertook this project as part of a contest for Crafster.Org . The voting starts April 7th!!

Above are the materials for the project Smiley I used soda tabs, stainless steel chainmaile rings and a pair of sturdy welding gloves. I toyed with the idea of using pipe cleaners for something, but later decided against it.

The soda-tab chainmaile panels after completion. Each panel is made from 213 pieces (117 soda tabs and 96 chainmaile rings).

After competing the panels, I marked and punched holes in the glove to create the attachment points. For those who aren't already familliar with it, the tool in this picture is a rotary leather punch. My rotary punch is one of my best friends when making armor and costumes! So many different sizes with just a spin of the wheel!

In this image you can see how the rings at the edge of the pannels are looped through the holes that were punched. After including the rings required to attach the panels to the gauntlets, the project required a total of 510 pieces (234 tabs and 276 rings). As far as chainmaile projects go, it's actually a fairly small number Cheesy

Close-ups of the weave. By using 5/16" rings and standard-sized soda tabs, you get a reasonably tight and yet still flexible weave

And there you have it! Gauntlets with the appearance of scale armor made from soda-tabs.

Just don't drink all 234 cans of soda at once or you might end up convinced that you're Link from Zelda wearing the Power Gloves and run around for 2 hours trying to lift "boulders" (i.e. cars) above your head until you finally collapse in a twitching, caffiene overloaded pile on someone's driveway.