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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wastelander's Pip-Boy!

I recently made this for a client of mine. He wanted me to make a re-imagined version of the Pip-Boy from the Fallout games. So, what I constructed is what I imagined the Pip-Boy would end up looking like after a decade or so in the wastes: Rough, gritty, almost all of its' components replaced with scavenged bits of tech as the original pieces, one by one, either broke down or were smashed in fights with mutants.

The control panel and speaker grill were stripped off a vintage CB radio (manufactured in the early 70's). The screen housing was also taken from a piece of 70's tech: an old 35mm film editing machine.

There is a compartment below the screen housing into which a smart phone can be inserted. The flap then is wrapped back around to cover the edge of the phone (the phone used as an example is larger than my client's, hence it sticks out a bit.)

The entire back of the Pip-Boy is covered in black leather. Every piece of post-apocalyptic wear is better with leather. And sports equipment. LOTS of sports equipment. Tina Turner's guards in bartertown would've been in a bad place without their sports equipment. But I digress.....  the Pip-Boy is attached to the forearm with stretchy & comfortable broad elastic straps.

As you can see from the status of all of his limbs... this vault-dweller is a-okay!

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